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Live Simply & Holistically

Fae's is dedicated to providing services & products that assist people on their spiritual journeys.  We offer Energy Healing,  Therapeutic Yoga,  & various Metaphysical gifts & products including crystals, candles, oils & tinctures, tonics, teas, herbal blends, & more!

Fae's Reiki & Energy Healing​

Reiki is technically "laying on hands" to heal & is comprised ​of "Rei" (God's Wisdom) & "Ki" (life force energy). Reiki is spiritually guided energy. When the body's energy is low, the body is more susceptible to disease & illness. Reiki sessions, (though not intended to replace traditional medical care) balances the body's life force, ridding the body of negativity & replacing it with healing Divine Light. Reiki is a safe augmentation to traditional medical practices.

We provide Distant Healing as well as one-to-one Reiki Healing. 

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Fae's Herbal Teas

Our Herbal Teas are handcrafted & organic. Most are decaffeinated unless otherwise specified. Each tea is charged with Healing Reiki Energy. If, during a session, the practitioner senses a particular need, an herba​l tea will be recommended. Our Herbal Teas are created for specific purposes & with the respect to the body's energy centers. The intent of our herbal teas is to continue the free flow of energy within the body to promote healing & a greater sense of calmness & balance. 

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Fae's Therapeutic Yoga

Although ALL yoga is therapeutic, our style is low impact, supported with props, & intended to bring about therapeutic results naturally through the innate power of yoga. As the mind, body, & soul become more balanced, chronic health issues wane. Therapeutic yoga is the application of yoga techniques to alleviate specific problems (physical, mental and/or spiritual). Sessions are individualized & tailored to the client's needs. Therapeutic Yoga Asanas (poses) are chosen & taught per client need in a manner that allows the client to practice at home or work. Most clients find that practicing yoga as a therapeutic tool has very positive side effects, as their whole being comes into a healthier state of balance.

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"Herbs can help with your general health and also help in treating most conditions. Herbal Medicine has been shown to be effective in a wide range of conditions and can at least give relief."

Be sure to peruse our handcrafted herbal teas


If you need a tea that is not in our inventory, please contact us. We create herbal teas for various purposes from fertility to prosperity, and we are here to assist you with your needs. 

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Understanding Qi

Please watch this video to learn about the body's Energetic Fields and how healing can occur through alternative, holistic practices. 

Fae's Boho Boutique

You can view and purchase additional products through our Boho Boutique. Trendy fashion and gifts for the Sophisticated Mystic.

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